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So far he doesn't think the click of the tung is the best thing for him 
But we will keep working on it for sure.
Now my husband says he loves the clicker, then he can follow me.
I sure didn't know I would use the clicker on my husband,
Now if he would just ooh bay?

Every saint has a future,
Every sinner has a past
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> Hi, Dar,
> The mechanical clicker is a good thing to use when your dog is first
> learning about what the click means, and it is good to continue using the
> mechanical clicker when your dog is some distance away from you, such as
> when he is running around in the yard.
> But once the dog understands the meaning of the click, you can switch to
> making a click sound with your tongue.  It works just the same as the
> mechanical click; the dog knows that it means he has done what you wanted
> and has earned a treat or other reward.  And it doesn't require a hand to
> use and doesn't cost anything, and is always within easy reach, and never
> gets lost.
> Can you make a distinct clicking sound by pressing the flat of your tongue
> against the roof of your mouth and then sucking air *in*?  If you can't 
> make
> that sound--and some people just can't seem to get that one--then you can
> use the type of clicking sound that people use to immitate the sound of a
> horse's clip-clopping hooves,where you raise your tongue to the roof of 
> your
> mouth and then slap it down to just behind your teeth.  Whichever sound 
> you
> choose, your dog will become accustomed to the sound and will recognize it
> as the same as the click made by the mechanical clicker.
> Hope that helps.  Sorry you are having so much difficulty getting your
> clicker.
> Ann
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>> Hi folks,
>> this morning I called Vet America, where they told me they didn't have 
>> the
>> I
>> clickers but she would tell me where I could get some.
>> She did call back, and said Pet Smart carries them.
>> Fine, I just got off Pet smart and they don't carry them.
>> How is it you get told one thing and then another.
>> This kind of thing drives me crazy.
>> I find the web sites given here harder for me to handle.
>> When I talked to the lady on the phone, because I didn't understand what
>> was
>> happening and still don't, I don't want this kind of treatment again.
>> When I am out and about, I can't use the clicker like I would like, with
>> using a walking cane as well as the dog.
>> I don't seem to understand why I didn't come up with a third hand giggle.
>> Just some thoughts.
>> --Dar
>> Every saint has a future,
>> Every sinner has a past
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