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Debee, Thank you for the details of using Epsom Salts for hot spots. I have 
been given cortisone cream but have been reluctant to use it as I'd like a 
more natural remedy if possible. I'm really pleased to have all these ideas 
as sometimes one remedy helps more than others, just depends on the dog and 
the stage the hot spot is at from what I gather.  I've had no experience 
with these spots on dogs up until now, but they are a horrid thing for the 
dog and stressful due to the pain of them. We have been together as dog and 
handler for around six months now and had no sign of them up until about a 
month ago, but they have been unstoppable since.

Thanks very much for taking the time to write with all the details. My 
mother used Epsom Salts for remedies come to think of it. Cheers Valerie
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I put hot water with epsom salts in one bowl. In a second bowl I pour in hot
water. I soak 2 rags in the salt water.

I trim, then shave the hair on the hot spot. Then I lie a hot rag on the
spot and press. It's a sort of compress. After about five minutes, I put
that rag in the rinse water and put the second rag on the spot. I  rinse out
the first rag and drop it back in the clean salt water.

I alternate rags every five minutes. I keep the hot water covered so it
stays warm for a long time. I make sure the rag is rinsed regularly and that
I always use two bowls. This way I'm not re-infecting the spot. I do this
for half an hour or as long as an hour for a bad spot. I try to do it three
times a day.

I C/T when the dog lies quietly.

When I finish with the treatment I spray some kind of mild spray on the
spot. Sometimes a disinfectant, sometimes a spray to soothe the itching. It
is usually something from my vet. I typically don't use cortisone though.

I keep the dog near me on leash so I can redirect him if he scratches or
chews the spot. When I can't supervise, I use an E-collar, a big bowl-shaped
plastic thing that fits around his head and prevents him from licking

This treatment keeps scabs from forming. It keeps pus and gunk from building
up under the spot.  It dries it out. It hurts the dog a little but It makes
him heal really really fast.

I once used this technique to cure a stray golden who was just covered with
awful sores.  He had beautiful new skin after a month, with just a lot of
bald spots from where I'd shaved.


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