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Do watch the salt; celery is quite high in sodium.

Darla & Nuance Who prefers Carrots

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> Hi Debee,
> Just on arthritis - I've heard that celery is good - I'm guessing you 
> would
> need to cook it up and give them a bit with each meal.  I haven't used it 
> so
> can't give you amounts and how it works, so someone else may be able to 
> help
> there, or maybe google it.  I have heard that it works wonders though. 
> Good
> luck.
> Erica
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> Jo,
> I loved all the herbal remedies for hot spots. I want to rush over to my
> nearest shelter to help some dog, because mine don't have hot spots.
> One thing that you didn't mention but that your message was full of was
> love. Dogs may not grasp language like we do but they can sense when a 
> human
> cares, and is spending extra time making them special compresses and teas
> and just touching them. I think this is why such a variety of different
> treatments work.
> I have a really old golden -- she's fourteen -- and people usually think
> she's younger, sometimes they think she's younger than my working guide if
> they just see her sitting.  I think getting a lot of attention, affection
> and stimulation has kept her mind sharp and her body fairly healthy. I am
> going to investigate some herbal remedies for her arthritis, because I've
> resisted giving her drugs.  Thanks for your message which reminded me to
> look in to this.
> --Debee

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