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Thank you for answering that because I was going to check BookShare this 
evening and get back to the list to help. Perhaps, that is a book which 
could be sought by BookShare for inclusion in their system.

Dianne, Hibiscus, and Primrose
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> If Control Unleashed is the correct title, this book which I haven't
> read does not appear to be available from Bookshare.org.
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> When the book first came out and I read it, I thought it would be a book
> that assistance dog partners would one day want to access. I contacted
> the author and requested a copy of her book be sent in to be scanned for
> those with visual disabilities. To my knowledge this was done.
> If it was scanned, I do not know...
> Maybe someone her would know that.
> Later I had the great pleasure of meeting the author and spending time
> at my home with her. If you do not find the information you seek please
> write me personally and I will see what I can do to help.
> Best Wishes & Wags,
> Diane & Raven
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