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hi Karyn,  I removed the handle and it was better but I think what happened was 
I  normally put his harness on before we take our walk in the morning and that 
day I didn't put it on till after he ate his breakfast.  he was laying on the 
couch and he thought that we were going to stay in......he went to daycare the 
day before and I had a couple of Dr. appointments.  I think he was tired.  I 
made sure his harness/vest was fitting him ok but today I took off the handle.  
I didn't put it back on till we were ready to leave.  I should take it off now 
that we have some down time.  there I took it off now.  he doesn't seem to act 
any different.  
I normally put the whole harness on and he usually doesn't have a problem with 
it.  it might just be the longer handle.  it does lay and attach a little 
different.  it does lay more farther back on his back so it might just be a 
matter of him getting used to it.  he walks fine with the handle on not like he 
does with a standard guide harness on.  he doesn't even want to take a step 
with the standard guide harness.  

I ordered one of those tugs with the opening for treats.  I am hoping that he 
and I will be able to use it as a tool for retrieve.  where I go for lunch they 
keep treats for Clyde behind the bar.  one person that works there will put a 
treat in a baggie and give the baggie to Clyde and he will bring it to me to 
give him the treat out of it.  I hope this will help him to learn retrieve.  

Ridge and Clyde
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  Hi Ridge
  I find with Thane that usually when he is being difficult one of three 
  things has taken place
  1) his harness is not fitting the same- be it weight loss or gain or even a 
  new harness
  2) Its a different handle which he has to get used to how it works and that 
  is hard work (for both of us)
  3) We have been doing too much and he just needs us to take a bit of a break

  With a new harness, it might not feel the same. His old one was melded well 
  to him- not as stiff as new harnesses are. I'd make sure nothing with it is 
  fitting differently.
  The longer handle could be troublesome to him though it works better for 
  you. It may add pressure in places on him via the harness that is bothersome 
  or it may just be getting used to it all. It took a while before Thane 
  really accepted the entire harness. I'm not sure how you put it on, but if 
  you are working it in british style that handle can be quite cumbersome to 
  his gait until its in your hand. If you put it on as one unit, maybe try 
  doing so as two separate parts. I put on his harness portion, then we 
  collect all the garbage and I put on the handle and his leash right at the 
  door as we are headed out.
  It may just be that he needed a day off, but if not maybe something here 
  might be beneficial for you.

  Karyn and Thane 

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