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Thanks so much for your good wishes, Ann. I would be happy if I were given
more flower dogs, though this trend won't go on for ever.

Please give Panda a special treat from us here.

Dianne with Hibiscus and Primrose

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Hi, Diane,

I'm really glad to hear that you and your girls are doing so well.  And I'm 
particularly happy that clicker training is providing you and the GDB 
program with such great success.  I'm sure that the program too is happy to 
have handlers like yourself and Sheila Styron, who are willing and eager to 
embrace a kinder, gentler type of handling method with their dogs.

And I've always loved your flower garden of pups' names.  I hope the trend 
continues in the future.  (I think chrysanthemum would be a fine name for a 
guide, or morning glory, or, of course, Lilly!)  Congratulations to you and 
to Primrose on her long and loving life with you.  May she continue in good 
health and happiness for years to come.


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> Ann,
> I don't post very often here, but my current working guide was clicker
> trained and is absolutely incredible. The accuracy they accomplish with 
> the
> dogs now is amazing and correcting little positional issues is so much
> easier now for us too.
> I am also thrilled to learn of your dream coming true. Definitely continue
> to enjoy. I am glad Panda is doing so well too. It is hard to believe she 
> is
> ten years old. I remember when I first heard of miniature horses as guides
> which I found fascinating.
> Continued best wishes to you and to Panda.
> Dianne B. Phelps, Napa, California with
> Hibiscus, Working Guide and
> Primrose, Retired Guide (Primrose is almost thirteen and a half years old
> now and wonderful in her retirement.)
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> Hi, Karyn and Everyone,
> Yes, we have been waiting and dreaming for a very long time for this 
> Clicker
> Center!  Although right now things are a bit rudimentary there, because of
> course, the construction did not go as fast as originally planned, but we
> had to move the horses out of their boarding barn because there were other
> horses coming in to take their places there.  So right now we are 
> operating
> with temporary stalls in the mostly-built indoor arena, a temporary water
> source--hose, no electricity, no plumbing, all of our feed, tack, and
> grooming stuff pretty much out in the open, and no access to the pasture 
> for
> the horses to graze.  The construction crew had to leave our project 
> because
> of another commitment at a big project with a very strict contract.  But 
> we
> hope to see a couple of them from time to time to finish up the most vital
> parts in the next couple of weeks so that we can feel a little more at 
> home.
> The horses seem very happy in the new digs already and they have all 
> settled
> in remarkably well, even our "sensitive" thoroughbred!  They all went onto
> and came off of the trailer for the trip to the new home like seasoned
> travellers, although none of them has been trailered for years.  I guess 
> we
> can attribute this to good, trusting, clicker-built relationships.
> Transportation to the new barn shouldn't be much of a problem, except that

> I
> will have to rely on my poor husband, Dennis, who already spends his days
> driving me to all my teaching appointments, to drive me to the barn as 
> well.
> We get him involved in doing handyman duty around the barn too, which is
> very helpful.  But too much togetherness can sometimes be a bit of an 
> issue,
> so we'll see how that goes.
> Thanks to everyone for all the good wishes.
> Best,
> Ann
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>> Wow! Ann this is fantastic news. That center sounds like it will be so
>> awesome. I am sorry you can't walk to it but hope transportation won't be
>> too much of an issue for you.
>> Its always wonderful to see dreams become a reality
>> Its hard to believe Panda is ten already. For you guys as you mentioned,
>> its
>> not that dreaded R word coming to the surface but of just entering the
>> best
>> of years to come. For that I am very happy for you both. I'm glad she is
>> eager to do new things as you enter this time in your partnership
>> together.
>> Karyn and Thane

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