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Sandy, sounds like she did really well today.  I'm glad.

Sometimes guide dogs do act spazzy when walking to near to someone they
know.  I've found that if I can get the person to walk a good distance ahead
or behind, the guide will adjust sooner and calm down.

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> Today,Alex and I went to the flea market for the first time since my BEB
> started. It is a really challenging environment complete with lots of
children (
> her worst distraction!)  and hoards of people( my worst scenario and the
> I need Alex for the most, to keep me from running into them during the
> when my eyes are closed. I was concerned too about the heat and asphalt
> surface  as well as the ever present problem of off lead dogs.
> It was great! She was a little excited the first row or two but settled
> nicely. She ignored people making noises at her and little kids running up
> to touch her and run away.. She would look, but not leave her position..I
> very proud of her.. other than the one group of kids, I was surprised by
> well behaved the kids at the flea market were.. better behaved than that
> who  came and almost got in her face , making comehere noises to her.. I
> rude and  told him to leave her alone.. she was avoiding eye contact with
> and scanning  our path.. We were stopped several times by people wanting
to know
> if she wanted  a drink, which I politely declined.
> Then there was the rollercoaster! Complete with a dragon head and roar! We
> stopped to use it as a training opportunity When the dragon came around
> tracks towards her she stepped back about a step but came forward as it
> past.. We stopped and watched while I told her about it. Sometimes  just
> explaining things in a happy voice will calm dogs..Alex gets a little
upset when
> children scream.. I think she thinks they are hurt.. It is also how I got
her to
>  quit stepping on me when she jumped up on the couch or was being prancy
> the  back door..
> Now for the parts that need work..
> We also had a lady almost walk a dog onleash over to us.. Alex got a
> bouncy and I had to work a bit to get her attention.I had her do an under,
> under  the counter we were buying produce at. That helped. Still something
> work on  when dogs offer play behavior to her... long term project..
> Alex was also annoying my sister when she was walking on my right side
> Alex between us..Alex guides on my right for those who dont know.. Alex
> her very well and would crowd her and nose nudge her legs..We need to set
> this up as a training exercise with family members.. ok it might be a "fat
> chance" response from them but I will try.. If there are strangers walking
> that position she is fine.. friends I will have to try later today..
> All in all, I think she did VERY well today and her guiding was good.. not
> excellent as she REALLY would have preferred to be the shopper..looking at
> the strange sights, sounds and smells.. canine nose smorgasbord!  I
> her that,, since she didn't have any money of her own, she couldn't  shop!
> No shopping" is a cue i taught her long ago when we were first going to
> grocery stores..meaning  basically no sniff, but it sounds a lot nicer and
> said with a strong voice.. just a reminder..I then use the cue "on by" as
> follow up to get us past those enticing objects! Another cue meaning to go
> something interesting.. that one had some use today!
> We didn't do that well with shopping, but came home with a rice cooker for
> the dogs for 5 bucks and a bunch of produce.. onions, jicama, peppers and
> limes.. I wanted a pineapple but they were pretty green.. We forgot to go
> for the blueberries.. 2 pints for a buck.. bummer..
> Chile rellenos this week! yum!
> Sandy  Foushee
> Infinite Paws-Abilities Training and Service Dogs
> Teamed with  Alexandra Guide/Service Dog

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