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Good job Sandy & Alexandra!  That must feel great.

I am just a week into Clicker Training but am very happy with the results
I'm seeing.  Mainly, that Dakota seems to be more turned into me and very
interested in the training.  We've just started the touch cue.

Just curious.  Has Alex always been good around distracting people or is
this something you've worked on?  Dakota is overly responsive to anyone
showing interest in him & "leave it" & leash corrections aren't very
effective in getting him refocused.  There's room for improvement & I know
we're capable of it.

Regarding the heat & asphalt, I have just started using Excel paw wax & am
finding it effective.  We've only reached the low-90's so far, so I'll have
a better idea once the summer heat is here.


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> Today,Alex and I went to the flea market for the first time since my BEB
> started. It is a really challenging environment complete with lots of
> children (
> her worst distraction!)  and hoards of people( my worst scenario and the
> one
> I need Alex for the most, to keep me from running into them during the
> parts
> when my eyes are closed. I was concerned too about the heat and asphalt
> surface  as well as the ever present problem of off lead dogs.
> It was great! She was a little excited the first row or two but settled
> down
> nicely. She ignored people making noises at her and little kids running up
> to touch her and run away.. She would look, but not leave her position..I
> was
> very proud of her.. other than the one group of kids, I was surprised by
> how
> well behaved the kids at the flea market were.. better behaved than that
> man
> who  came and almost got in her face , making comehere noises to her.. I
> was
> rude and  told him to leave her alone.. she was avoiding eye contact with
> him
> and scanning  our path.. We were stopped several times by people wanting
> to know
> if she wanted  a drink, which I politely declined.
> Then there was the rollercoaster! Complete with a dragon head and roar! We
> stopped to use it as a training opportunity When the dragon came around
> the
> tracks towards her she stepped back about a step but came forward as it
> went
> past.. We stopped and watched while I told her about it. Sometimes  just
> explaining things in a happy voice will calm dogs..Alex gets a little
> upset when
> children scream.. I think she thinks they are hurt.. It is also how I got
> her to
> quit stepping on me when she jumped up on the couch or was being prancy at
> the  back door..
> Now for the parts that need work..
> We also had a lady almost walk a dog onleash over to us.. Alex got a
> little
> bouncy and I had to work a bit to get her attention.I had her do an under,
> under  the counter we were buying produce at. That helped. Still something
> to
> work on  when dogs offer play behavior to her... long term project..
> sigh..
> Alex was also annoying my sister when she was walking on my right side
> with
> Alex between us..Alex guides on my right for those who dont know.. Alex
> knows
> her very well and would crowd her and nose nudge her legs..We need to set
> this up as a training exercise with family members.. ok it might be a "fat
> chance" response from them but I will try.. If there are strangers walking
> in
> that position she is fine.. friends I will have to try later today..
> All in all, I think she did VERY well today and her guiding was good.. not
> excellent as she REALLY would have preferred to be the shopper..looking at
> all
> the strange sights, sounds and smells.. canine nose smorgasbord!  I
> reminded
> her that,, since she didn't have any money of her own, she couldn't  shop!
> "
> No shopping" is a cue i taught her long ago when we were first going to
> grocery stores..meaning  basically no sniff, but it sounds a lot nicer and
> isnt
> said with a strong voice.. just a reminder..I then use the cue "on by" as
> a
> follow up to get us past those enticing objects! Another cue meaning to go
> by
> something interesting.. that one had some use today!
> We didn't do that well with shopping, but came home with a rice cooker for
> the dogs for 5 bucks and a bunch of produce.. onions, jicama, peppers and
> limes.. I wanted a pineapple but they were pretty green.. We forgot to go
> back
> for the blueberries.. 2 pints for a buck.. bummer..
> Chile rellenos this week! yum!
> Sandy  Foushee
> Infinite Paws-Abilities Training and Service Dogs
> Teamed with  Alexandra Guide/Service Dog

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