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Congratulations to you and to Met!  May you both have many more happy years 
together, whether in "formal" work, or in gradual retirement!

And when the time comes, may you both enjoy schooling Met's successor.  With 
the horses, we call it "having an understudy", and it's usually a welcome 
thing for an experienced fellow to have an energetic youthful guy around to 
take over some of the more tiring work while he still gets to shine at what 
he likes doing most.  I don't know if it is practical for you to have two 
dogs in the house, but I'm sure that you will know what is right for you and 
Met, and when.  You two are a team, a unit, and you may be able to keep 
right on working together for years yet.  I send you both lots of love and 
support today and always!

Ann and Panda

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> Today is a very special day for me and my sidekick. My
> special guy has entered double digits- yup he is 10
> years young! Smile
> I think the trials of late make this day all that much
> more special to me.
> This weekend I found I had a boney I did not know I
> had- a brand new Galileo. Oh how happy he was- ears
> perked, tail wagging a hundred miles an hour as he
> nuzzled at the package as if that would make my crappy
> hands open it that much faster LOL
> Happy Woofday to you my special sidekick-
> When I first adopted you as that messed up pup- how
> little did I know about the lessens you would teach
> me, the adventures we would have together, and the
> many more years of working than anyone had predicted
> you would have with me. I know one day it will be time
> for you to step aside but today I am grateful for
> everything you do for me- from the time I crack open
> my eyes in the pitch dark morning to pop a couple
> pills down your throat, to the time I crawl into bed
> in the evening to snuggle with you... No pup could
> ever match what your pawprints are to me... you are my
> heart... so today I thankyou for being my magnificent,
> dependent sidekick- the one no one dreamed you were
> capable of ... except for me
> Hugs and Belly rubs to you my special guy
> Woofdays are for Celebrating our bond our love our
> devotion to each other
> Your forever grateful momma
> -----
> Karyn and Met

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