(VICT) Jamos

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  • Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 08:36:56 EDT

Jamos, the Sd in training I am currently working with has a abscess under  
his neck.. poor guy! It broke open this morning and stinks to high heaven! He  
has a lot of loose skin under there! He hasnt been acting "off" until last  
night..and then not by much.. Amazing what energy a lab/Dane cross can have  .. 
of course I blame that happy-go-lucky on the LAb part! He was VERY good this  
morning when I cleaned and shaved his neck.. maybe he will make it as a SD!  
Amazing how I like him more when he isnt howling to be out...
Sandy  Foushee
Infinite Paws-Abilities Training and Service Dogs
Teamed with  Alexandra Guide/Service Dog

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