(VICT) Good Update on Met

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 12:42:35 -0800 (PST)

I got a good update on Met this morning. I had a bit
of suspicion that he may have backed up anal sacs so I
made an appt. He did not have that problem but the vet
was very happy with the changes since he last saw Met
last month. He has gained 1 and a half pounds
(definitely needed). His skin and coat are improving
and its pretty clear he just needed a higher dosage on
his thyroid med. He tried hard to find even flea dirt
on Met but was not able to find anything (good sign
there since Met had a horrendous reaction to Advantage
in 2003)The vet appears to now agree with me on his
health issue being thyroid based and is not concerned
about what the labs said. He basically told me we will
treat Met not the normal ranges. Smile. I talked to
him about his vision as with a dog getting older we
don't want to ignore something like that and have a
dangerous situation happen. He told me that presently
Met is very aware of his surroundings and that as he
ages this may change but for now he sees no problems
that would interfere with our safety. Generally he
said they see night blindness hit before daytime
problems when its age related. Since I don't like to
go out after dark (light sensitivity that head lights
and street lights really cause issues with) we should
be just fine for at least a while here Smiles This has
just been in the back of my mind lately so it was good
to hear my vets take on it. Being told to keep up the
good work felt well wonderful!
And it also helped this week when Met saved my hiney
from an old man that should not have a drivers license
any more. Smile
He truly is coming back to the Met we all know and
love. I know there will be a day that even my
sedentary lifestyle is more than he wants to/ can
handle but right now the direction things are going
could not be better!

Karyn and Met

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