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Shelley congratulations on the employment and also congrats to Judson the 
Bostonian Golden who is working so very brilliantly.

I've a very good friend who lives  near Boston: the city seems so very 
beautiful from all I've heard. And......................hooray for Goldens, 
smile. Valerie. ----- 


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Subject: (VICT) Update on the list and us

> hi you all,
> Am doing some list cleaning removing bouncing addresses and old addresses 
> I
> know aren't working anymore and doing some other list maintenance.
> it has been a while since I have posted on here, smile.
> It is mainly because, We are EMPLOYED.  I now live in Boston, MA, well 
> o.k.
> so the Greater Boston area, in a town called Revere.  And yes, I do live 
> on
> Charger street, and the next street over is "Lantern lane" guess the city
> planners had a sense of humor.
> But I work for the Carroll Center for the Blind as an itinerate TVI, and 
> use
> public transit and cabs to go to all my appointments and my students.
> Judson is taking the big city in stride and doing awesome, absolutely
> awesome job with subways (which he had seen before in training but that I
> hadn't) and buses, commuter trains and everything else.  I am really
> impressed with his work, and hope if his health holds up to have him 
> working
> another year or so.
> I did put in the application for retrain, because I really, really want a
> golden retriever and I also came to the conclusion that my cane skills are
> not up to par, as far as big city travel is concerned.  I learned cane
> skills in a small town, did buses, but that is the extent.  And I know I
> could not perform as efficiently on my job at this time without a dog. 
> And
> No it is not because I haven't kept my cane skills up, it is I learned 
> them
> in a totally different context.  Am trying to remedy this situation, but
> will do what is safe for me, smile.
> The clicker training has REALLY come in handy to teach Judson particular 
> bus
> poles, shelters, stairs at the subbway station, the garbage can we have
> hidden in the bushes outside the apartment, and for locations in the 
> school
> buildings and in the communities I have to work in.  I can show him a
> location once, jack pot him for finding it a couple of times and he
> remembers it even if we haven't been there for several weeks.
> He has done remarkably well and am really happy with him.  This is a
> versatile dog who is willing to take whatever you throw at him, smile. 
> Even
> if it involves a bus, two subways, and a bus to go to certain places.
> in the spair time, I am still scanning for Bookshare so if there are 
> titles,
> I can access
> www.noblenet.org
> So if they have it I can get it, smile.
> I also am going to the gym three times a week and it is working out well,
> and I am also hunting down art classes to continue my ceramics work. 
> Smile.
> But that is it from us.
> If there are anyone who needs to or wants to join the list, or needs to
> leave it, please, let me know?
> That way I can keep our member rolls clean and so I don't get all the 
> bounce
> notifications all the time.
> Smile.
> Shelley L. Rhodes B.S. Ed, CTVI
> and Judson, guiding golden
> juddysbuddy@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
> Graduate Alumni Association Board
> www.guidedogs.com
> Dog ownership is like a rainbow.
> Puppies are the joy at one end.
> Old dogs are the treasure at the other.
> Carolyn Alexander
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