(VICT) As One Era Ends, Another to Begin...

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  • Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 14:06:22 -0700 (PDT)

I have done all I can now for Chimette. He is home
with me and though that was probably the second
hardest trip I ever made, I just knew it was time to
begin to feel out what was in store for me.
This morning I spoke with my manager and came away in
elation! She already expected I would be training
here. We talked a bit and she wants very little from
me other than the information on breed, age, name for
the file which is a common requirement in apartment
I know Met will never be far from my thoughts but I
also know how badly I need this- not only the aspect
of training which will keep me busy, but the
assistance this dog will be able to give and the love
we will share with each other. It will be different
than Met I know that as Met was just that one of a
kind heart dog. I wonder at times if I will be able to
train another dog to be a guide dog, a service dog,
and a hearing dog but for now... I just have to focus
on the next steps needed here to bring this about. 
Honestly I never imagined that a week after losing Met
I would be thinking about the process of gaining a new
dog to train. I won't sugarcoat anything life feels
like absolute hell at times but there are the good
moments to. the moments of sharing my memory book with
mom from when before they were involved in Met's life.
The moments of putting aside little things to go in a
beautiful cedar box with a wood engravement of a
pawprint that I was given at the vet office yesterday.
But there are the hard things too and I know for a
time there will be those hard things...
I also know Met would not want me to dwell on this
loss and remain in agony forever. I have the knowledge
that part of his death was most likely caused by the
attack in 2003, but the rest was just his time... no
other way to put it...
I am being rational at the moment but I still have
those gut wrenching periods of time and I know I need
to let myself grieve but also to live as well...
My life will be VERY different until my successor is
able to safely guide me, but knowing there is someone
to look forward to, that the journey to that point
does not necessarily require a move- its a good thing,
a high note so to speak....
I will keep you posted when there is more to tell

Karyn and Angel Chimette
*We Treasured the Moments*

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