(VICT) A Proud Moment

  • From: "Karyn and Thane" <bcpaws4me@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "Vi-clicker" <vi-clicker-trainers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 12:42:25 -0800

Thane has been a bit less reliable as he goes through this *2 year old*
stage. With some great support from a few people I have worked things out in
a manner that its easier for me to be patient with him through this. Some
days he is just awesome and other days I wish we could go back to bed and
start all over.
Today had its moments, but one that will always be remembered is when
despite other folks taking off across the train tracks, Thane refused to let
me budge. At first I was going to insist he go and something in my head
said, *Karyn trust your dog* I did just that- Trusted Thane's judgment.
Sure enough he was right on! A train was coming. One reason I am so happy
about this is that we have never once had this experience to work with. We
are always at the station waiting for their arrival- never having to wait on
them to pass so we could safely navigate. This is just a way cool moment in
my book!

Karyn and Thane

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