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  • Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2013 19:15:46 +0000

*         Hey everyone-
    Deb at Cornell has run into an issue with the UVIS Request Area Scheduler. 
We do not have much experience with using this tool in the same way that she is 
using it, so we were hoping that one of your schools may have some info that 
can help Deb.
Deb says:
Good morning.
We have a new section beginning on Jan. 20th that is going to require anes., 
surgery procedure, and report. We were trying to set up the section on the 
request area scheduler (FDS0006) and although everything looks to be filled out 
completely in the setup screens, it will not show up on the scheduler. When I 
go into Appointment setup FDV0009, we set up a new role of "SXIII", entered 
display seq. as 4, checked active and saved the information. When we went to 
the next setup tab- Role setup- there was actually already a SXIII schedule 
that was previously set up but was marked inactive- we made it active again by 
unchecking these boxes for each day/time. We when went to the Daily Schedule 
tab and confirmed that there was a schedule built out (which there was) and 
then entered an appropriate date in the schedule adjustment and updated the 
schedule. We then clicked on the "apply schedule modification" button under the 
update existing schedule by rule box. We saved all of the changes and logged 
back in fresh. It is still not appearing on the scheduler. Can someone please 
contact me or send me some suggestions as to what needs to be done to have 
SXIII appear on our request area scheduler.
Thank you
Happy holidays!!

Rainey Lynch
VetView Support Agent/ Client Liaison
College of Veterinary Medicine
University of Georgia
(706)538-3637 Office

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