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  • From: Paul Robinson <paul@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: vagueware@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 5 Sep 2004 09:48:45 +0100

On Tue, Aug 31, 2004 at 01:18:28AM -0700, verbose @ ziplip. com wrote:

> "It means other abstractions could be put into place at a later stage, 
> providing we are clear about some 
> underlying structure."
> well, in what would this underlying structure be written in? i propose xml

Difficult to traverse in a speedy manner. In the first instance probably 
accessed through a SQL abstraction library. If somebody builds a library to 
help me query XML as well, that could be used. The problem with XML is that 
it's great when you want to shift data between different applications. But 
here we're talking about data within an application - on the export side, it 
would make sense for XML to be available. :-)
> yeah, i totally agree.. its ambitious, but that makes me agree with it
> even more.. so this would fall into the whole "multiple abstractions"
> thing.. so in a way, i guess, multiple abstractions don't just have to do
> with visualization, but also with input.

Yes, absolutely. I was thinking the other day, why can't I interact with say 
Slashdot the way I can with Usenet? What is stopping a Usenet gateway to 
Slashdot being available? Then I realised abstractions can go in multiple 
directions. Why can't I "subscribe" to slashdot like a mailing list? And so 

> yeah, i just added that idea to the "VagueWare needs its own software" of 
> "future of vagueware" (FOV).

I'm re-drafting that later on today.
> well, i guess that as long as its bsd license, then you can pretty much
> sell it AND develop it as open source. i don't want to go into
> bikeshed-land, but i AM informed about the advantages of the bsd license. 
> so yeah.

Yes, BSD License is settled, except some libs I need to pull in are GPL. I 
might be able to build a site based on the same software that helps with 
project management and can export MS Project files, etc. where some cash 
could be made. But for now, let's just have some fun.

> the other thing is that if you can't (or don't think its even ok to)
> "protect" intellectual property, then at least you have to protect CREDIT.
> concepts like "notoriety capital" and the "gift economy" are real. and
> puting something like "vagueware" on your curriculum looks mighty
> impressive.

True. But my CV/Resume does not pay the rent. :-)

I have another form of income being lined up so hopefully that will afford 
me some time to really build on VagueWare.

> i thought it was really cool how hey had all these different ways of
> arranging the same content. so i guess that it would be cool if the 
> indexing pattern for vagueware itself could be templated. or maybe not.

Ontologies and Taxonomies are a big research area. It can quickly descend 
into something very odd. The advantage of allowing for ideas to be placed 
into a Conept Map is that they kind of self-organise.

Paul Robinson

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