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  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 01:18:28 -0700 (PDT)

"The purpose is not to push mind-maps per se, but rather to encourage a 
multiple abstraction view of the same document"

word, that rocks!!

"It means other abstractions could be put into place at a later stage, 
providing we are clear about some 
underlying structure."

well, in what would this underlying structure be written in? i propose xml

"People should be able to participate via web, e-mail or usenet if they wish to"

yeah, i totally agree.. its ambitious, but that makes me agree with it even 
more.. so this would fall into the whole "multiple abstractions" thing.. so in 
a way, i guess, multiple abstractions don't just have to do with visualization, 
but also with input.

"we need a new way of quickly building a template for a variety of uses. Being 
able to create one that is private to 
all your own ideas is a good idea, as is a public collection of them."

yeah, i just added that idea to the "VagueWare needs its own software" of 
"future of vagueware" (FOV).

"The problem is, I realise that there is commercial benefit in some of these 
ideas, and I need to clarify if 
I wish to protect that in any way. Probably not, but once it's gone, it's gone."

well, i guess that as long as its bsd license, then you can pretty much sell it 
AND develop it as open source. i don't want to go into bikeshed-land, but i AM 
informed about the advantages of the bsd license. so yeah.

the other thing is that if you can't (or don't think its even ok to) "protect" 
intellectual property, then at least you have to protect CREDIT. concepts like 
"notoriety capital" and the "gift economy" are real. and puting something like 
"vagueware" on your curriculum looks mighty impressive.


on the other hand.. something that i've been thinking about is like.. 
categorization.. last time i was checking wiktionary in spanish i hit on the 
mainpage/homepage/index.html whatever.. and saw this 
http://es.wiktionary.org/wiki/Portada ..

by alphabetical order - by theme - by word lenght - sentences - acronims - 

colors - vehicles - cronology - elements - numbers - forms - minerals - animals 
- plants


i thought it was really cool how hey had all these different ways of arranging 
the same content. so i guess that it would be cool if the indexing pattern for 
vagueware itself could be templated. or maybe not.


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