[vagueware] Re: is less really more?

  • From: verbose@xxxxxxxxxx <verbose@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <vagueware@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 15:56:27 -0700 (PDT)

"I pay the bandwidth bills."

if you need help with that, just say so.

"If somebody sues VagueWare for something up on the site, I go to court, nobody 

well, being on the other side of the ocean might prevent me from attending a 
british court hearing.

"The project however, can be shared."

:) thanks, dude

"I don't care too much what people do with it, but ultimately, yes, I will 
retain veto if for no other reason, to try and avoid being hauled into court."

point made

"If there is one thing VagueWare should support above all else it is open 


"I want as much of the code as possible to be BSD licensed, and although there 
are hooks in PHP to build SWF, there is a problem with some platform's support 
of Flash. :-("

i hate flash, actually. macromedia sucks.

"Actually, verbose - I might really need some XHTML voodoo soon if you know how 
to do that."

naw, man.. i don't.. :(

I might also need some CSS/design voodoo soon as well.

:( no.. what i can do is like.. design the layout in illustrator (actually 
corel).. and then you can do the css. i dunno.. at the moment my xp just won't 
let me log in anymore, something to do with my license not being 
authentic<cough>pirated<cough>. so i've gone cold turkey and installed freebsd 
on my second machine. a hard disk has been failing, and i've run into trouble. 
i could go into detail here, but.. the thing is i'm a bit tied up in that 
respect. i only have a useful machine at work, where i'm writing this email.

"I hate the look of VagueWare (i.e. a rip off of Wikipedia) but I
don't know what I want. Something like kuro5hin meets rubyonrails.org I think."

i'll work on it

"I think one thing I have realised is that I need to make this ultra,
ultra modular."


"I *really* want a swimming pool with sharks. And a moonbase. :-)"

those sharks have got to be glow in the dark, though..

"The design is to make it SOAP-able, which means hooks should be quite nice and 
easy to whack on the side."

soap.. wasn't that invented by microsoft? just a question. note to self: read 
about soap.

"I will of course be filling out the design docs. Probably on VagueWare itself 

i really want to push the dev.vagueware.com wiki, so that this kind of stuff 
gets done there and not on the normal vagueware site.


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