[vagueware] Re: Progress update

  • From: verbose@xxxxxxxxxx <verbose@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <vagueware@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 21:32:34 -0700 (PDT)

dear dudes,

guilt has set in big time. i'm currently writing this from work. i've got a new 
job that pays better and leaves me more free time. i was helping my girlfriend 
out with a couple of her projects and now that's done.

yesterday here at work i polished on some of my wikipedia articles. and it felt 
terrific. its been such a long time since i've felt so much freedom.

i've also been thinking a lot about vagueware and a lot of what paul says 
really resonates with me. i KNOW i said i was going to rewrite/add/polish/etc 
the roadmap. but i haven't had much time. and actually, yesterday i DID have 
like 4 hours for myself, but i wasn't in "do vagueware mode".. i'm gonna be 
honest, but i need to decompress. there's been a lot of work lately and i can't 
just go from "work worry work work" mode to "damn, this vagueware idea is 
coming along fine". in spite of being very enjoyable, vagueware puts certain 
stresses on you that are hard to re-adapt to. you kind of feel more commited to 
it, and you also feel on the spot. like you better not fuck up 'cause a lot of 
people are watching this.

"I'm trying to make sure I still have a paypacket coming in after 31st December"

definetely.. we all have to eat.

"I'm currently thinking about developing it in either Ruby (it's quick, easy 
and even amateurs can write reasonable code in it) or PHP (which half the 
planet knows it seems). At the moment I favour Ruby, but that's because I've 
never done any serious coding in it and it looks nice."

i've always wanted an hook up an interactive svg front end to it, for the 
mindmaps. so as long as it can do that, and as long as it can support multiple 
simultaneous editing (with locks)...

"I also need to think about what VagueWare is actually going to be about. Do I 
want to reel it in to just ideas relating to technology, or do I open it 
completely up to anything people are interested in? We played on the current 
site with fiction, debates, software and hardware ideas, and if we're honest, 
it has become confusing. I say we either take it strongly in one direction or 
strongly in the other. I'd be interested to hear thoughts on where to take it."

i've been giving some thought to this too. i think that it kind of depends on 
the template to be used. another thing i thought about was that mindmaps 
weren't enough. you need two things: mindmaps and flowcharts. flowcharts are 
very necessary, and i don't think they'd needfully be more difficult to 
implement. but that's way in the future. for now, i'm more interested in like.. 
documenting all the functions that existing groupware solutions do. i want to 
see which functions are necessary, which aren't, and which build on top of 
other functions. finding this out, you can pretty much start getting the gist 
of what kind of modularity is needed for a vagueware. you know, you can just 
set up "groupware primitives" the same way 3d graphics programs have sphere, 
cone, box, etc.

actually, i just took a look at ruby on rails.. 
 and it seems pretty fucking cool. i'll read more on that later. paul, i hope 
you don't mind if i keep swamping the list with just reports on things i find 
valuable. at least it motivates me to write and to keep adding/polishing ideas 
and recommendations.

"So, that's where we are - in a bit of a mess to be honest. What I'd like
to see is more discussion here on the mailing list for ideas."

ah, there we go.

the thing is to not let the lines of communication wither or whatever. i lack a 
lack of interest in vagueware. yeah...

i'm gonna be skimming through this in the next couple of days (starting when i 
get home)

by the way, i got loaned this ftp site.. and i can put a mindmannager document 
up there, that contains what i've collected so far. i don't know if this is a 
valid solution. i think i remember mindmannager being able to support multiple 
simultaneous editing.. i'm not sure, tho..

you guys tell me what you think


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