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  • From: Susan Heath <sheath@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 17:19:16 -0400

Well, I've been doing a little county listing. 

This past week I went over 100 in Culpeper county with Summer Tanager, 
Eastern Wood-Pewee, Black-throated Green Warbler, Blackpoll Warbler, and 
Yellow-throated Vireo. 

I also added one more bird to my Loudoun County list with Cerulean 
Warbler.  I have 198 in that county and am having a difficult time 
getting to 200.  I've been birding there at least once a week for the 
past six weeks but so far I've only managed to add one species each time 
I go.  I guess two more trips should do it!

Todd and I discovered a little jewel for county listers today along 
Freezeland Road which runs north from Rt. 55 (very near I-66) up to Sky 
Meadows State Park. From this road you can get birds in three counties - 
Fauquier, Warren, and Clarke.  We weren't that interested in Fauquier 
since we both have birded there extensively but before today I had a 
total of six birds in Warren and about a 100 in Clarke.  Today's little 
foray should have added a few to both those lists.  The best bird had to 
be a Pine Siskin on a feeder in Warren County.  Pine Siskin on May 9 and 
we weren't even in Highland County.  Nice!


Susan A. Heath
George Mason University
Environmental Science Department
Fairfax, VA

Secretary, Virginia Avian Records Committee
Keeper, Virginia Comp List at www.virginiabirding.org

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