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  • From: Susan Heath <sheath@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 14:44:29 -0400

C. Michael Stinson wrote:

>The problem with showing "what birds are where" is that such information
>isn't particularly helpful without some sort of frequency data attached. But
>lists (life lists, state lists, county lists...) give you only simple
>"presence-absence" information. 
Yeah, I know but numbers are just numbers.  They don't have much meaning 
except in the listing world and not very many people care about that.  
Just us weirdos.  Besides I think most people would be able to figure 
out that a Black Skimmer in Mecklenberg isn't exactly a common 
occurance.  I think a bigger problem with just having lists is the time 
frame.  You need at least the year of the sighting to determine if there 
has been a change in species range.  This is a huge data gathering 
effort and I just don't have it in me though I think it would be 
worthwhile.  Further discussion is warranted, I'm sure.

>I have Black Skimmer on my Prince Edward list (and Mecklenburg, hah). 
As I do on my Fauquier and Prince William lists.  I shoulda hit more 
counties that day!

Susan A. Heath
George Mason University
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Fairfax, VA

Secretary, Virginia Avian Records Committee
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