[va_co_birding] Re: Texas Ornithological Society promotes countylisting

  • From: Susan Heath <sheath@xxxxxxx>
  • To: va_co_birding@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 13:11:53 -0400

Wow, this is pretty cool.  We can't exactly whine about how many 
counties (and those pesky independent cities) when Texas has 254 
counties!  This addresses one of my issues with putting up a Virginia 
County Listing website.  I don't want to just list the number everyone 
has because that isn't very informative about what birds are where.  I'd 
rather be able to show what birds people have in what counties but I 
don't have time to input all the data for everyone.  On this Texas 
website, everyone enters their own data.  Neat!  I could potentially do 
this on the secure server where we review VARCOM records but I'm not 
sure the server would be able to handle the data load.  Plus I'd have to 
figure how to keep the county stuff separate from the VARCOM stuff.  
Definitely something to think about though.

Speaking of VARCOM - don't you owe me some records there cat thumper?


Susan A. Heath
George Mason University
Environmental Science Department
Fairfax, VA

Secretary, Virginia Avian Records Committee
Keeper, Virginia Comp List at www.virginiabirding.org

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