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Assuming that you saw the kites between Little Texas and the highway (US
58), they were in Southampton County. One thing to keep in mind in that area
is that Emporia is one of our independent cities, although some editions of
the DeLorme atlas don't indicate that it is. In that immediate area you can
see the kites (and lots of other things) in three counties (Southampton,
Greensville, and Sussex) as well as the IC of Emporia.


> Ok, I'm in.  And just to keep this on topic.  I went down to Emporia on
> the 22 before heading out to TX.  I didn't get there until 3:00 so it
> was pretty late in the day but I managed to find two MIKI along the road
> leading back towards Emporia out of Little TX.  One perched in a tree so
> I took a picture through my scope with my digital camera.  It came out
> pretty nice.  I'll e-mail it to you if you want to see.  What county is
> that?  I know I could look it up but it's way easier to ask you guys!
> Sue

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