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  • Date: Wed, 09 Jul 2003 14:43:50 -0400


I'll chime in.  I live in northern Virginia (unfortunately) but bird a
lot in Fauquier County as that's where I did my thesis research and it's
far enough out of the major populus to give me the allusion that I don't
live amongst the masses.  My Fauquier list is higher than any other
county at 220.  Lately I have been concentrating on the four counties
surrounding where I live - Fairfax (207), Loudoun (176), Prince William
(207) and Fauquier trying to get at least 200 in each.  I'm almost
there.  I also have lists for the other counties in which I bird a lot -
Highland, Northampton, and Accomac.  I add a few to each of them
whenever I go west or east as the case may be.  Mainly due to Mike and
Todd's obsession, I've started keeping track of birds I see in every
county now (haven't started on the independent cities - I just can't
embrace them yet).  None of those are as high as my local counties
except Northampton which is my favorite place to bird away from home.
So there it is.


Susan Heath
Fairfax County
Centreville, VA

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