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  • From: Larry R Lynch <birder6@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2003 15:04:36 -0400

County listers --

It is great to have this listserve where we can share our
county-to-county bird observations, as well as our thoughts on trends,
habitats, and other related issues. 

I live and work in Chesterfield County and have been here for about 25
years. I grew up in Waynesboro and went to college at Virginia Tech. With
the exception of some military time spent in Morocco, I have lived in
Virginia all of my life. However, my interest in birds did not develop
until about the time I moved to Chesterfield County. 

Bird record keeping has never been my forte. With close friends who keep
very precise records, I have relied on them to keep the records while I
do the driving and photography. My county listing has also been more of a
result of birding with Fenton Day rather than something that I have
sought to do. On the other hand, my involvement in VSO and other birding
activities across the state has enabled me to see many species in many
counties. I will now try to do a better job at documenting those

The counties that I have had the strongest interest in are: Chesterfield,
Henrico, Charles City, Prince George, Highland, Augusta, Accomack,
Northampton, Fauquier and Culpeper. I also have a breeding bird survey
route in Sussex County.

As we nurture our interest in county listing, it might be a good time to
start using GPS coordinates to help document where we are. If any of you
have looked into GPS units and have a strong recommendation for a
particular brand & model, I would appreciate hearing from you. I will buy
one soon and put it to use.

I look forward to reading more about our county listers and where they
like to wander.  


Larry Lynch
Chesterfield County

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