[va-richmond-general] native plant and hummingbird/butterfly garden questions

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  • Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 20:19:30 -0400

This is for all you botanists out there:
    I would like to plant some native plants and perhaps a hummingbird and/or 
butterfly garden in a certain spot. However, the ground is very red, so I'm 
assuming the soil is mostly the native red clay we have in parts of Virginia. 
Does anyone know of any plants that could survive/thrive in that kind of soil? 
If not, is it possible to dig up some of the clay and replace it with potting 
soil? If so, how much would have to be dug up/how deep would it have to be? The 
purpose would be to prevent the soil form washing away in the rain and to keep 
the ground from being too muddy for too long, as well. Would it be possible to 
plant a garden in that type of soil (hummingbird/butterfly)? Suggestions? 
Please e-mail me OFF THE LISTSERV with your thoughts. I apologize in advance if 
your mail doesn't get through, but I have a strong filtration system. If it 
gets bounced back to you, please try again in a day or so. I usually get an 
e-mail saying a message couldn't be delivered, and if it's to the listserv, I 
can see the e-mail address and add it to my "friends" list. Hopefully this will 
work. As I said, please e-mail me OFF the listserv. Thanks in advance!

Short Pump

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