[va-richmond-general] Re: migration station opening at FLSP

  • From: "Bob Reilly" <rjreilly@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 22:43:28 -0400

Just a note to say that the Coastal Virginia Wildlife Observatory's spring 
migration banding station at First Landing State Park in Virginia Beach opens 
on Wed. 3/14.  Peter Doherty, a very friendly fellow with many years of banding 
experience, is manning the station daily through 5/31.  Jethro is doing high 
elevation bird surveys for the Idaho Game Department this spring, but will 
return to Kiptopeke this fall.  There were many pine warblers singing at FLSP 
this morning, as well as a noisy group of brown-headed nuthatches.  

Bob Reilly

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