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We had flying squirrells in the attic when we bought our house, but I have 
never seen them.
Lucky you!

Al went to Zeiss Sport Optics and spoke with the President. (He opened the door 
for Al.) They had a nice chat, during which he said you had already contacted 
him about donating binoculars to the auction. He gave Al a Zeiss cap so he 
wouldn't leave empty-handed, so Al didn't make the trip for nothing. They are 
also interested in advertising in the Thrasher.

Can you tell me which binoculars they are donating? They are going to be the 
prize for the member who sold the winning raffle ticket. Maybe you could bring 
them to the September meeting for everyone to see.


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I need to go to bed to rest up for another day of ER madness-but there are 2 
Flying squirrels zipping back and forth to the corn cob I have hanging off an 
Oak tree in a wire basket for the "walking squirrels." They are fascinating to 
watch. I usually see them on the suet. Good wholesome entertainment!

Julie K.

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