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The idea here is that RAS needs to move more toward citizen science and not 
just general birding. We all love and enjoy birding, but if we neglect to 
actively work at conservation of habitat and bird species there won't be any of 
our favorite birds in a few decades. It wouldn't hurt to learn just a few of 
the codes of the birds we see frequently. Those who do that will have an easier 
time when they take that course in bird survey work, so they can be part of the 
solution instead of simply partaking in the experience of birding. The banding 
codes are necessary to make it possible to do what you need to do when 
performing a survey. And the surveys produce information needed to assess the 
status of the species.

One of the main ideas we heard 2 years ago at Hog Island, Maine, when we 
attended the Audubon Leadership workshop there was for each chapter to find a 
project and use it for their focus. We learned that there was one Audubon club 
in Florida that picked a project involving restoration of habitat for nesting 
shorebirds, terns and gulls. They made that project the focus of their club, 
including field trips, meetings, newsletter, etc. They are still working on the 
project, but the land was taken over by the city and set aside for preservation 
of the birds. Now there are many species surviving that would not if it wasn't 
for their efforts. 

We  are starting down the same path here with all the work we do at Presquile, 
JRP, MAPS, etc., but only a small percentage of us do anything in that regard. 
It will take people making a committment, and griping about the use of banding 
codes is not helpful. Those are necessary in survey work. Since more people are 
needed it seems to be rather appropriate to introduce the use of banding codes 
so people will be exposed to them.

What's the big problem with using EABL instead of Eastern Bluebird? That 
doesn't seem that hard, does it? Just learn one a day for a few weeks and 
you've got it! Check out the link that Jim Blower sent. It has all the banding 
codes for all the birds in the world.

Maybe, if you are against the use of banding codes you are saying you don't 
want to be involved. You just want to enjoy your birds. You don't want to give 
that impression, do you?
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I don't dispute the use of codes on surveys and don't believe anyone does. 
Doesn't seem to me that the listserve serves only those who do. Isn't it for 
the general birding public as well?

Bob Cole

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