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  Bob, thanks for the response and it's helpful...and then again, not.   The
bird that's visiting my feeders (and singing to my budgie when she's on the
windowsill) is definitely a catbird; the markings, voice and behavior all
match catbird and there's no mistaking it for any other species.  And yet...
there is no red underside near the vent at all.  Is it possible this bird is
molting and it's not come in yet?  If so, it's the longest darned molt I've
ever seen and this would leave it at least a month without the trademark red
undertail coverts.  Any other ideas?  Are there some catbirds being seen
without their red underside?  I'm going to try to get a photo of my unusual
denizen so you can see it, too.


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  > Irene,
  >   While I have banded many young catbirds in the Richmond area and at
Kiptopeke, I have never encountered one in juvenal plumage.  The above
description of it is taken from one of my banding references.  Hope that is
  > Bob

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