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The answer is - the Hermit Thrush. Or at least that is the symbolism Don
Kroodsma, (the person who is highlighted in the story at Kristi's URL)
gives to his song. Each letter represents a songlet; for example, G
sounds like "hey, didla deedle-deedle-deedle-deedle". And in case you
don't understand what I mean by that, in his book that is described in
Kristi's URL, he has a CD which has all these songs in it, along with
frequency graphs in the book.
To me the book is well written and shows quite a bit of work by Don on
these bird songs. He is attempting to find the alphabet and words of
these species; for example, BED is a word in the Hermit Thrush's
vocabulary, or at least it seems this combination of songlets occurs
Now I find that Don has gone all over the country hunting down these
birds and recording these sounds. This is a good book. 
Jim Blowers

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