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 I had a royal battle in the sky over my yard today. A crow was taking violent 
steps against a red-tailed hawk. I have seen many attacks such as this, but 
this was the first time I actually saw feathers being plucked from the hawk's 
back and fluttering down. 
 Margaret O'Bryan
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  Our backyard is still full of White-throated Sparrows and some juncos, but 
the change is happening. The Red-winged Blackbirds are about, the Chipping 
Sparrows have appeared, the Carolina Wren has chosen to build a nest under our 
canoe (again), and the towhees come up into the yard from down by the creek - 
an annual spring thing. The Barred Owls call and cackle and the male roosts in 
the holly trees most days. And each morning is noisier.    Caroline Coe 
Chesterfield County   
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