[va-richmond-general] West Creek Parkway 03/06/07

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I stopped by the ponds along West Creek Parkway (West Creek Corporate Center, 
Goochland) briefly this afteroon, as I've been doing lately, and here's what I 
was able to see from the road:

American Wigeon - pair
Lesser Scaup - pair
Ring-necked Duck- 30
Mallard - pair
Ruddy Duck - 5
Bufflehead - 6
Canada Geese - 80
Great Blue Heron - 1

This is my first posting, so it may be worth mentioning that, in the past few 
weeks,  I've also had the good fortune of sighting Green-winged Teal, Northern 
Pintails, Hooded Mergansers, and American Black Ducks at this location.  The 
parkway lies adjacent to a large swamp, and seems to be a reliable place to 
view a variety of birds. 

Kim C.

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