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  • Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 19:52:34 -0400

The hurricane is NOT projected to go through Virginia. There is a small
probability (about 5%) that it will hit the western part of the state, but
that is not the projection.  I can see your concern, as I think that
Hattiesburg, MS will have 120 mph winds (as if it had been on the sea),
Jackson will have hurricane force winds, western Tennessee will be like us
with Isabel, and torrential rains could pour down a route that skewers quite
nicely the big cities of Ohio (Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland), and
hits Buffalo and Rochester in western New York. Unlike Dennis, this thing is
moving fast, so by the end of the week, it will be out of here and gone. I
don't think we will see much of anything from it; we won't even get any
beneficial rains from it, so keep sprinkling. Also, be prepared for
$3/gallon gasoline, since that could be one of the things that results from
Katrina passing over oil-producing and transporting areas of the Gulf of
So if you are going to New Orleans or to any of these other places, keep
safe, and hope that any of the interests you have in these places keep safe,
including my mother in Rochester.
Jim Blowers


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Subject: [va-richmond-general] Weather to watch - Katrina - FYI

I am posting this is a service to the community as Hurricane Katrina is
*projected* to move through Virginia, albeit the western half of the state.
Nevertheless, if you have travel plans, please be advised:
Projected hurricane route:
Satellite image of the Hurricane approaching New Orleans, LA:
It's possible it will weaken as it moves north, but please everyone, stay
Irene in Southside

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