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My two cents worth on your Downy.

Most people think Downy Woodpeckers are permanent residents and that is what 
most books say.
However, there is a little bit of movement (migration?) at least in the East.
You can see this at the Fall bird banding stations, and it might occur in the 
same years as when nuthatches migrate.
I think this movement is probably no more than a few hundred miles.

To get a bird from the west coast would seem highly unlikely, to me.

Here is a more likely explanation.
I have seen very dark birds, which I believe is the result of a wet/damp 
roosting cavity.
It is convenient to think that all roosting cavities are very clean and dry, 
but if the wood is very rotten (or wet) it can be dark, which could then rub 
off on the inhabitant.

David Bridge
Alexandria, VA

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>A very dark downy woodpecker has been visiting my backyard feeder in
>chesterfield county the last couple of weeks.  Pictures can be found
>through the links below.  Any ideas/conclusions made on this bird would be
>much appreciated!
>Jack Esworthy
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