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Wood thrushes.  Still had a couple singing early in the morning in Powhatan 
last week.  Nesting is all over now, however, and was over for many of them by 
Aug. 1st.  They are starting to move out. Pretty much all of the migrants will 
quit singing once breeding activities are at an end.  They keep a low profile 
as they go through a complete molt of all feathers prior to migration.


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  Hummer feeders:   We keep ours up till the end of October as one or two birds 
will linger untill mid-October or so.  Last year we left one feeder up until 
December because of the sightings of off-the-migration-path hummers not too far 
away.  The frenzy is unreal right now---12-15 hummers with 3 feeders close 
together and 1 feeder on the other side of the house.  Of course they all 
prefer one particular feeder!  Buz makes necter every day and fills that 
favorite feeder 3 times every day!  They also like the garden blooms---blue 
salvia, basil, torenia (yellow), even the coleus blue blooms.  Bignonia and 
trumpet honeysuckle are favorites.  I have not seen them go to the trumpet 
vines---has anyone?

  Hermit Thrushes:  After living serenely with their songs every day---morning, 
afternoon, evening---all summer, they've been silent since about the 1st of 
August.  Anyone have an explanation?  I'm sure we had at least 4-6 birds around 
the house, lake and gardens.  It's not the same without them!


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      A little birdy news...

      Well, my three little baby wrens were up and gone by the weekend...shame, 
I wanted to sneak a photo of those fuzzy little faces in as keepsake.  Haven't 
seen the parents have have heard Carolina's still trilling and scolding in the 
vicinity so maybe it's them.

      There are presently 6 American Goldfinches cooperatively playing nice and 
vacuuming in the niger thistle seeds from the "seed sock" feeder out front just 
now.  Not only have I never seen as many finches on that feeder at one time, 
but they weren't trying to chase each other off, either, and that's a first!  
Usually if there's more than 2 on there at once, the chasing ensues.  
Everyone's so hungry and so nice to each other...must mean a weather change.  
Anyone else seen this?

      The Bully Male Ruby-throated was out-smarted by the two females at my 
feeder.  They've managed to stop in a get a few meals while either luring him 
away or when he's not up on his guardpost, and good on them!  For those Hummie 
enthusiasts, how long do you usually keep your feeders up in this area?  I was 
thinking early October, but what's been your observations?

      The pair of Green Herons are back at the little lake in the neighborhood 
where I live, and they were flying laps and clucking loudly there on Sunday.  
Nice to have them back, they've been here the past two summers (and just humour 
me and let me think it's the same two characters, even if they aren't, 

      Hiked with Jan Johnson at Dutch Gap on Tuesday; Great Egrets there at 
last.  Haven't seen as many there this year as in the preceeding few years.  
Nice to have them back again (even if the Great Blues aren't happy about it!).

      While hiking at Pocahontas yesterday, I spied a female Ruby-throated 
dancing amongst the Orange jewelweed and Cardinal flower, sipping nectar.  Very 
lovely to watch, and of course, no camera.  Figures.  Spied a female Kingfisher 
as well, perched on an overhanging tree pretty far back up the creek system.

      Well, since the list's been a little quiet I thought I'd post something 
bird-related.  See you all soon at the meeting or whatever.

      Irene in Southside


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