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We are missing our wood thrush as well.  There was one singing in spring and early summer at our place, which as you know, Nelda, is not far from you.  I haven't heard the wood thrush in about 6 weeks.
Mary Davis

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Hummer feeders:   We keep ours up till the end of October as one or two birds will linger untill mid-October or so.  Last year we left one feeder up until December because of the sightings of off-the-migration-path hummers not too far away.  The frenzy is unreal right now---12-15 hummers with 3 feeders close together and 1 feeder on the other side of the house.  Of course they all prefer one particular feeder!  Buz makes necter every day and fills that favorite feeder 3 times every day!  They also like the garden blooms---blue salvia, basil, torenia (yellow), even the coleus blue blooms.  Bignonia and trumpet honeysuckle are favorites.  I have not seen them go to the trumpet vines---has anyone?
Hermit Thrushes:  After living serenely with their songs every day---morning, afternoon, evening---all summer, they've been silent since about the 1st of August.  Anyone have an explanation?  I'm sure we had at least 4-6 birds around the house, lake and gardens.  It's not the same without them!

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