[va-richmond-general] Re: Searching for a whippoorwill

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  • Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 09:41:29 EDT

Irene, thanks for the response and for the tip about Colonial Beach.  Where 
do you live in the Richmond metro area, that whippoorwills are no longer heard?
There is a Whippoorwill Lane, off  New Ashcake in Hanover, that makes me 
think others may still be hearing them in northern or eastern Hanover county.
I would also appreciate hearing from other list members about sightings or 
hearing whippoorwills or their cousin chuck-wills anywhere in the area.

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featherchaser@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

> That's so sad...I've never heard a whippoorwill around where I live, only 
> at some of the parks I visit.  I remember, though, hearing them nightly when 
> we camped at a place called Placid Bay near Colonial Beach.  We'd sit out by 
> our camping trailer and listen for them in the evening, really loved that 
> and remember how we'd count how many birds we'd hear answering one another 
> (or so it seemed).
>  I wonder how increasingly far out and away I'll have to keep hearing them?
>  Irene in Southside

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