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I note that Chesterfield County is presenting a boat trip to Brown and
Williamson park at 7-9 am that morning, and my wife Anne is signed up
for that trip. They are to meet at the Dutch Gap parking lot, putting
her only 1.1 mile from the picnic. However, after the trip she will have
to travel 25 minutes by car, all the way to route 895, to get to the
picnic (or she could take a boat and get there quicker). 
I will be there, but I wonder if there are any problems getting to the
place due to Hurricane Gaston last year. I heard something about Osborne
Turnpike then.
Jim Blowers

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Hi RAS members and friends,
Don't forget about the RAS Picnic, which is Saturday, June 25 (rain date
Sunday, June 26).  It's a really great time, and Nelda and Buz Snyder
always go way out on a limb to make it enjoyable for everyone. Please
come for awhile Saturday and bird, eat, swim, fish, go boating, talk
about the latest gossip, walk through Nelda's great garden, see lots of
hummers, or whatever you want. Bring friends and family, a food item to
share, and chairs. You owe it to yourself to come, unless you really
don't enjoy great surroundings, fun people, and all the other fun things
you can do at the picnic. The Snyder's place is really cool!
See your copy of the Thrasher, or go to the RAS website for more details
on how to get there, what to bring, and other information.
The RAS website link is as follows:
Note that there is an error in header of the website notice. The time is
listed as 7:00 PM, which is obviously not correct. You can come as early
as 8 AM if you want to bird early, or around 9:30 AM or leter if you
want to do other things. Lunch will be around noon. Stay until late
afternoon if you want, but some of us will be leaving mid-afternoon to
attend another event.
If you need information besides that in the Thrasher or website, email
us at warfield101@xxxxxxxxxxx, or (last resort) call 743-1479.
See you there!
Al & Linda Warfield

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