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Great-crested Flycatcher
Blue-winged Warbler and
Northern Parula

...on the scene here in Chester.


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John is off to give an Audubon program for scouts in Powhatan, and I'm left 
with the backyard!!

New arrivals:
Rose-breasted Grosbeak - female
White-eyed Vireo
Chimney Swifts - 2

junco (haven't seen for a few days)
White-throated Sparrows (the duller ones - all the bright white ones were gone)
American Robins
Downy, Pileated, Red-bellied Woodpeckers
cardinals still in large numbers
Eastern Bluebirds, Carolina Wrens, Tufted titmice (feeding young?)
American Goldfinch
Chipping, Song Sparrow
Blue Jay
Mourning Doves
Eastern Towhee
Barred Owl

Carolina Chickadees
White-breasted Nuthatches

Caroline Coe

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