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Hello Birders,

I just turned on the news a few minutes ago and caught a segment on a rabid skunk in the Willis Church Road area.  I need to double check the exact location.  Is there a Willis Road?  The skunk attacked a dog whose owner beat the animal back to death.  Rabies was confirmed.  This seems to be a good opportunity to bring up rabies especially as so many of us frequent areas where we are more likely to have to face such an encounter than others might.  Such incidents are becoming more and more common in the area.  I would rather not assume that all of us are aware of this.  There were three confirmed cases of rabies in Red Foxes in Chesterfield County this year.  Within the past few months, locally, I've either read or caught on the news, confirmed rabies in a raccoon and a bat.  I also remember hearing of a rabid cat attacking a person in Rockwood Park.  I am not familiar with the details or the veracity of that event, but as I am frequently out in the James River Park System with my dog, these kind of reports concern me.  For those of us with dogs, it obviously important to keep up-to-date with the rabies vaccinations.  A good vet will also recommed that even an animal who is up-to-date should be given a booster if a bite is suspected.  I'm sure this kind of occurence is not specific to the Richmond-Henrico-Chesterfield area, but pervasive throughout the U.S. as we take up more and more space that was wild.

Sorry if this is considered off-subject.  Looking forward to birding Malvern Hill.

Katie, South of the James 


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