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Hi All,
I forgot to tell you that while we were closing the nets, Courtland and I came across a zebra swallowtail--but an unusual one for sure.  Rather than white, the stripes were a pale green against the black.  Anyone else ever come across anything similar?

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Date: Sunday, June 27, 2010, 3:30 PM

7 dedicated folks turned out this morning for a hot day at the banding station. I think we averaged about 1 bird every 40 minutes until closing when we had 5 birds. We opened nets to a spectacular waning gibbous moon ;-) which was quickly upstaged by a bright "full" sun. Lots of bird song despite the hot temps. Sadly our coveted Yellow-billed cuckoo never made a net-showing but called throughout the day as did Indigo Buntings and Yellow-throated warblers. The bike continues to expedite net runs and most everyone took a "spin on the Schwinn" today. Many butterflies and dragonflies flying around...a pair of ?Silvery Checkerspots? found the reflectors on the bike pedals quite inviting. We continue to net dispersing Prothonotary fledglings and an occasional unbanded adult.
Here's the tally from today (15) and a few images.
American Goldfinch
Carolina Wren (4)
Prothonotary Warbler 6 (5 recaps)
Northern Cardinal 2 (1 recap)
Brown Thrasher
Thanks to all who braved the heat and came out.
Julie Kacmarcik and the MAPS team
**Our 2010 shirts designed by Arun Bose! Thanks Arun!

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