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There are the following bird stores other than WBU, which as you know is a good 
source for baffles, etc:
Birdwatchers at Commonwealth Centre, off 360 near Brandermill, 763-3890
Wild Bird Center, 1360 Gaskins Rd, 741-2473
They are in the phone book as well, and there may be more.

Lowes and Southern States also sell poles, etc.

I have made my own from 1" galvanized pipe. That works with most commercial 
baffles - the long ones work best. You can spray paint it whatever color you 
like - I use black. You can also buy some clamps made for the same size pipe 
(with a hole on each side for screws) from Lowes or Home Depot and attach 3/4" 
pieces of wood with holes drilled at angles for 1/2"dowels, then hang feeders 
from the dowels from screw-eyes screwed into the dowels. 

You can even add a tray feeder under the feeders to catch the seed that falls 
from the feeders. This works well for birds that prefer tray feeders. If the 
baffle is placed under all this but high enough to keep squirrels and coons 
off, and just far enough that squirells can't jump to it, you will have a great 
feeding setup. I either attach it to the deck rail using clamps, or put 
concrete in the ground. You can use the commercial tray feeders with a way of 
attaching to the pole so the pole runs through the center. You could also build 
one of those from wood, making the screen out of hardware cloth of a fairly 
fine mesh. It needs to be basically a frame with a hole in the center 
crosspiece and a piece of wood mounted to that vertically to clamp the pole to. 
The mesh goes on each side. That way it will dry out rather than stay wet and 
mold/warp, etc.

Al Warfield

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Looking to pole-mount two feeders with 1/2 inch mounting holes on the
bottom.  Both feeders were purchased at WBU (gifts).  I'd like to avoid
WBU/C poles due to price and would like a pole that either comes with a
baffle or will easily accept one.

One of them has to be 7-8 feet in length in order to accommodate viewing
from a window that's 6 feet above ground level.

I was thinking of cobbling something together from galvanized pipe and
spraying it green, but I'm wondering if there's an economical choice I'm

BTW: Anyone know of a local independent birding store in the Richmond area?


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