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I just got a copy of BirdJam Maker software for the IPod and it uses the Stokes 
CD sets, so I guess that must be as good as it gets. The only problem I have 
had with the Stokes CDs used alone is that it's hard to pick out just the birds 
you want to hear. That's why using them with the Ipod and Birdjam software is 
much better. You can dial up the songs you want, and the pictures too if you 
get those as well. I haven't gotten around to setting it all up yet but hope to 
have time soon. It sounds great on the birdjam website.

Al Warfield
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I am considering purchasing Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Eastern Region 
for help in identifying birds singing around my home in Richmond.


Is this book/CD a good choice for the Richmond area or is there a better one 
for a beginner?


I plan to tape their songs and compare with the CD reference to assist in 




Jerry Layne


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