[va-richmond-general] James River - Richmond - Colony of Great Blue Herons Top the Day!

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James River – Richmond, Sunday, March 4, 2007 
Level: 12 ft., Conditions:  Windy 
Sections of the James River: Pony Pasture, Brown’s Island, and Pipeline 
Time: 3:15 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.  
As a Whitewater enthusiast, I find intriguing the ease by which ducks  calmly 
ferry across a 12 ft raging river.  And even more astonishing is how ducks 
can find an eddy in the middle of  the river to dive, rest and preen, while all 
around them the muddy-brown  churning water and debris pushes swiftly down 
Colony of Great Blue Heron Top the Day! 
American Crow: 16 
American Robin: 9 
Bald Headed Eagle: 1 
Bufflehead: 6 
Canada Goose: 7 
Carolina Chickadee: 2 
Carolina Wren: 2 
Double-crested Cormorant: 5 
Great Blue Heron: 23+* 
Mallard: 8 
Mockingbird: 1 
Osprey: 2**  
Ring-billed Gull: 25 
Rusty Black Bird: Flock 50+ 
Yellow-Rump: 5 
* The trees on the island in the middle of the river directly across the  
Pipeline Overlook are currently bare and provide a great view of a colony  of 
great blue heron and nests.  The  birds are perched throughout the tree tops 
sitting on nests.  You  don't need to get out of your car, the birds can be 
easily seen as you pull  in to a parking space and look straight ahead. 
** One in flight near the Pipeline Overlook; a second one sitting in  a nest 
on a tower in the middle of the river that is located between the Ninth  and 
Fourteenth Street bridge. 
Lori Rutledge 
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