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  • From: Larry R Lynch <birder6@xxxxxxxx>
  • To: VA-Richmond-General@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:00:13 -0500

Hi all,

Ralph White, manager of the James River Park System, has done more to
enhance the City of Richmond's image than anyone I know. And now, because
he did something on behalf of all of us who use the park system, he is
undergoing the scrutiny of his bosses to see if he is fit to continue.
This is hard to comprehend. The way that I understand this from the news
reports, the city wants to lock the gates at the park entrances from
sunset to sunrise to prevent crime.  Perhaps, they should just block off
ALL roads coming in and out of the city from sunrise to sunset and set
curfews to prevent crime? 

Instead of spending millions of dollars on projects like the Sixth Street
Marketplace and Main Street Station... and then spending millions to
restore them the way that they were, perhaps they should hire more park
personnel or a few security personnel, plus install lights and security
cameras in the parking areas to monitor what's happening. And then, the
parks can be kept open when the users want to use them. In other
communities where parks are much smaller than the James River Park
System, there are more resources assigned than what is allocated here. 

Our natural resources are much more valuable than the facades that keep
the city in debt. It would be so nice if the city would wake up and
recognize this. 

One man's opinion.


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