[va-richmond-general] Re: Indeed, who runs this list?

  • From: Heron329@xxxxxxx
  • To: va-richmond-general@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 13:27:52 EDT

This list was set up for the use of Richmond Audubon members to share 
information about bird sitings, upcoming trips, lists from trips we have had, 
maybe a 
question or two.  Also we have used it to request letters be written or phone 
calls made on environmental issues.  I don't think Robin's job is to be 
moderator for the list, at least we have never felt the need of a moderator 
I am afraid that I started the current thread by writing something about wind 
energy, which has somehow evolved into other issues.  I think it is time to 
get back to birds, myself.

Margaret O'Bryan

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