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This is a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Important Bird Areas 
program, to learn some new skills, and make some field time really worthwhile.  
We have several members of Richmond Audubon signed up already and would like 
to have a few more.  Reimbursement for some of your expenses is available. 

Since we have problems with listservs and attachments, the announcement 
follows here.

Ellen Ackerman, 
President, Richmond Audubon Society

The Virginia Important Bird Areas (IBA) Program is offering two spring 
training workshops for volunteers to learn how to conduct point counts (a 
standardized bird survey technique) on potential or recognized IBAs in 
Virginia.  This 
simple survey technique allows us to estimate abundance of bird populations as 
well as species diversity.  Understanding changes in bird abundance over time 
is very important as it allows us to track the health of bird populations and 
then target conservation efforts where they will have the greatest impact.  
There is currently a great need to acquire abundance information in many 
areas that are, or have the potential to become, IBAs.  You can help with this 
important effort by becoming Point Count Certified for the Virginia IBA 
After just one certification workshop, you can continue to contribute 
valuable information to the IBA Program for a lifetime.  The data you provide 
will be 
used to assess which areas should become IBAs, determine which populations 
are in the most trouble, pinpoint where we should direct our conservation 
efforts, and track the impact (positive or negative) of our conservation 
on bird populations.   
At each workshop participants will learn:
The value of point counts and how we use the information to track bird 
population trends
How to use GPS units to determine and then locate survey points
How to conduct point counts and then practice these new skills in the field
The workshops will be held in two beautiful locations in eastern and western 
April 22 (Earth Day!), 10am â 2pm: Manassas National Battlefield Park, a 
recognized IBA
May 5 (1st day of VSO annual meeting), 11am â 3pm: Breaks Interstate Park, a 
potential IBA
We already have, and will continue to have, many opportunities for certified 
volunteers to contribute to the IBA Program with their new skills.  
Registration is limited to 20 so sign up now to ensure yourself a spot!  Lunch 
will be 
provided at each workshop for a small fee of $12/person.   The workshop will 
supply GPS units and compasses during the training, but if participants have 
them, they are encouraged to bring their own to the workhop.  
Contact either Ellen Ackerman, your Chapter Workshop Coordinator at 
eackerma@xxxxxxx or 804-262-7040, or Aimee Weldon â aweldon@xxxxxxxxxxx or 
804-752-5850, the IBA coordinator â to register or for more information.  

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