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Interesting - the term "hummer". It is used to describe something so tiny
and fragile, and also something so huge and monstrous. When I Googled under
Images for "hummer", the first 20 images were ALL of the SUV. The second one
was a real monstrosity - a Hummer limousine. I kept going from set of 20
pages to set of 20 pages, trying to find a bird hummer; after 100 pictures,
95 were of the SUV and 5 of some cell phone type gizmo. Finally, I found a
hummingbird at Image 349. That's right, these birds rate 349th when you
Google for "hummer". The image I got was of a praying mantis eating a
hummingbird. It can be found at:




Jim Blowers



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We still have one female hummer at our home in eastern Henrico.  I don't
think we get traveling birds at the hummingbird  feeders since the feeders
are hung under the eaves of the house and would not be visible from flight.
The hummers we have every year come because of their memory of where "their"
feeders are.  I guess next April we should try some more visible feeders to
entice more hummers.  



Nelda Snyder



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