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 Sitting here trying to decide how to describe the weekend I just had with some of the best people in the state on our past weekend trip to Highland County... It would do this trip a gross injustice by reducing  it to merely a coffee-stained account of the slate of birds ticked off on a Virginia checklist.
Highland County lends itself to taking you away to a world of its own. The rolling hills dotted with sheep and cattle, the large expanse of sky and the soothing sound of trout-filled streams just make you want to exhale from your day-to-day routines and take in the whole experience from sunrise to sunset. Awakening to the "peenting" of Woodcock out the hotel window, rounding the bend of a fence-lined road to find a pair of Peregrines perched in anticipation of prey or settling in for the night as the clouds passed over the waxing gibous moon said life is good.
Eight of us took in a great weekend in Little Switzerland. We saw a few birds and happily were able to show some folks their "life look" or best look at Golden Eagles; one time at a vantage point high above the mighty beast. Most importantly we took in nature and all it has to offer while being with great friends in one of the best parts of Virginia.
It doesn't matter if we saw 56 or 98 species. We were fully in the moment and "Seized the Carp!" Thanks to all who turned out!
Julie Kacmarcik
Richmond Audubon Field Trip Co-chair

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